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About The Foundation

Who We Are

Peoria Public Schools Foundation is a private, independent 501(c)(3) organization. We work together with Peoria Public Schools to ensure Peoria’s students get the best education possible.

Our Mission and Values

We want to provide a sustainable source of funding for improving the quality of education within Peoria Public Schools.

Our Foundation works in partnership with businesses and the community to raise and disburse funds only for the use and benefit of the students, staff and alumni of Peoria Public Schools.

We aim for a positive change in Peoria Public Schools where young children can become bold inspirational leaders in the future.

The vison & mission of the Peoria Public Schools Foundation reflect our fundamental belief that all people belong & deserve fairness, justice, and inclusivity. We are committed to creating educational equity for all students in Peoria Public Schools and align our programs & support to meet this goal. The Peoria Public Schools Foundation works to reflect this commitment to diversity & inclusion in our organizational governance, staffing, board membership, funding decisions, and policies. 

Our History

Peoria Public Schools Foundation was founded in 1992, as a non-profit organization that supports the Peoria Public Schools District. Our foundation has always provided resources and opportunities for students and teachers within Peoria – with the aim of enhancing educational experiences and outcomes.

Since 1998, we’ve integrated into Peoria Public School where we’ve been able to further ensure the success that every student gets the opportunities they deserve.

Why Donate To Our Cause

Your donation will provide quality education for children in the Peoria area

Students in Peoria Public Schools are unfortunately not given all the necessary resources for a quality education. They are vital to the Peoria community, and can be given a befitting education from your help. Students in Peoria Public Schools will one day grow up, and be the future of the Peoria community. Your donations will help give back to the entire Peoria community.

Our organization also accepts private gifts that can be given to students. 

Your donation will be tax-deductible and you will be mailed a receipt following your donation.  

We do not sell or exchange your information with other organizations

How We Use Our Budget

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