Peoria Public Schools Foundation | Peoria, Illinois

Basic Needs Program

The Foundation’s basic needs program is dedicated to providing essential support to PPS students and their families by addressing their basic needs in the areas of food, clothing, and shelter. Please review the following information to ensure a smooth request process, allowing those in need to receive prompt assistance.

  • To request funds, school staff must complete the Basic Needs Request Form, which can be accessed by the clicking the above button.
  • The school principal must also sign the request form.
  • Requests may be granted up to $1,000 with the final amount determined by the PPS Foundation.
  • Assistance is provided on a one-time basis per family.

Requests that fall under food support include:

  • Groceries for individual families.
  • Food baskets for schools to disperse to families in need during Thanksgiving and winter holidays.

Requests that fall under clothing support include:

  • Uniforms (if size is not available in Skyward from our Uniform Closet Inventory)
  • Clothing/Undergarments
  • Coats
  • Shoes
  • Eyeglasses (through an agreement with Bard Optical for PPS students)

Requests that fall under shelter support include:

  • Rent assistance
  • Utility assistance
  • Necessary household items

Disbursement of Funds:

  • The PPS Foundation can either pay a bill or company directly or reimburse a district staff member/school for purchases.
  • When reimbursing staff members/school, a copy of the receipt must be emailed to
  • For utility assistance, please attach a copy of the bill to the request form.
  • For rent assistance, a check will be mailed directly to the landlord, and both the landlord’s address and renter’s address must be provided.
  • All requests are subject to review and approval by the PPS Foundation.