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Classroom Grants

Classroom grants assist teachers with day-to-day classroom needs.

Check out some photos from grant projects in action!

The 2023 Classroom Grants have been awarded. Congratulations to all the recipients.

At the PPS Foundation and Community Foundation of Central Illinois (CFCI), we wholeheartedly support PPS teachers and staff in their efforts to involve and engage students in the classroom.  With that in mind, we have three types of grants available to help fund your project ideas to enrich the classroom experience for your students.  While other classroom grant programs award initiatives to just teachers, our selection committee considers requests from other school personnel (such as counselors, home school facilitators, etc.) in addition to teachers.  

Types of Classroom Grants Available

Traditional Classroom Grant – This grant is available to any Pre-K through 12th grade teacher or staff member interested in a project to enrich the classroom experience for their students.  Award amounts will be up to $1,000.

Peoria Public Schools STEM Grant – This grant is only available for the 5th through 12th grade teachers or staff for the purpose of STEM (science, technology, engineering, or math) projects to enhance the learning experience of students.  Grants will be awarded up to $1,500.

Field Experience Grant – This is a grant to obtain supplemental funding for field trips that enrich the classroom experience for the students and support their classroom curriculum.  All trips must be approved by the school principal.  Award funds cab be used for bus transportation and/or trip expenses.  Grants will be awarded up to $500.

Criteria and Information to Note When Applying for a PPSF Classroom Grant

  • The grant applicant must be a current Peoria Public School teacher or staff member.
  • All grant applications must be submitted online between August 1 and October 1, 2023.
  • All grants must be original. Multiple grant applications that are the exact same grant, but submitted with a different teacher’s name on it, will not be accepted.
  • Innovation and creativity are highly regarded by the selection committee.
  • The grant project must be implemented in the same academic year in which the grant is awarded.
  • Funds cannot be used for the funding of personnel.
  • If funds requested will be used in combination with other funds, the amount and source of those funds must be noted on the application.
  • All technology purchases must be coordinated with PPS Technology Department (309-685-0181)
  • If awarded a grant, a project evaluation must be completed and submitted by June 9, 2024 in order to be considered for future grant opportunities.
  • All items purchased with grant funds become property of Peoria Public Schools. In the event that a grant recipient leaves the PPS district, all items purchased with grant funds must stay with the school that the recipient noted on their application.

Need some Inspiration before applying?

Check out descriptions of the submitted projects from last years grant recipients!

A Brief History of the Classroom Grant Program

The PPS Foundation and the CFCI joined together in 2013 to offer classroom grants to Peoria Public Schools teachers through one application process.

The funding for our Traditional Classroom Grants is provided by the Yeomans Fund that is held at CFCI and from funds raised by the PPS Foundation. The Yeomans Fund was created in 1998 by Murray and Rena Yeomans. This is an endowed fund with an emphasis on assisting the Peoria Public Schools system. Each year, a portion of the Yeomans Fund’s distributions are used to fund Peoria Public Schools Classroom grants along with additional funds from the PPS Foundation.

Also held at CFCI is the Peoria NEXT Foster Fund. This fund, through the Glen A. Barton Science and Technology Education Grants, provides the funding for the Peoria Public Schools STEM grants. In 2016, the Peoria NEXT Foster Fund was created with the purpose of awarding grants to STEM teachers who serve students in the city of Peoria to help enhance the learning experiences of these students.

The Field Experience Grants are funded by donations raised by the PPS Foundation. We are excited to again offer this grant opportunity.

Since the program began in 1998, we’ve awarded a total of $454,913 in Classroom Grants to fund 601 projects. This classroom grant program is designed to benefit students by supporting teachers and allowing professional educators to implement their most innovative ideas.